It’s time for Oil & Gas to transform

Unlike other industries such as Manufacturing, High-tech manufacturing, retail, etc.. Oil& Gas industry has very little penetration in Digital Transformation till today. Whereas other industry has gone through 3rd or even 4th generation Digital Transformation. The question is why Digital Transformation is that important? In fact, Digital Transformation is a predominant trend impacting today’s global business. It speaks to the changes produced by the application of digital technology to society at large. However, for BUSINESS! It goes beyond technology, it transforms business models by speeding innovation and making constant operational efficiencies, product development, delivery and customer relationships.

We are in the internet age, competitions and opportunity implementation are no longer limited. Everyone has to stay alert on unwanted sudden changes that can happen anytime. How Oil &Gas Industry customer realizing such need on a small scale today.

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  • Mike Smith3-26-2018

    Over the last few years, the oil patch has experienced technological advancements that have made it easier for Engineers to manage their wells, Accounting to manage its books, IT to manage its servers, and even owners and partners to manage their cashflow and health of their business but we have not heard any drilling waste disposal management software. Now the environmentalist can dispose drilling waste using software technology which means regulatory calculations will be fast, easy and accurate…. Can’t wait to see demo.

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