Benefit in adopting automated system

Benefits in adopting automated systems can be attributed as higher production rates and increased productivity, more efficient use of resources and materials, focus on better product quality, improved safety, shorter workweeks for labour, fast business growth.

No one today will prefer to travel 4000 Kilometer by ship. Airplanes are made to shrink the travel time, there were millions of handiworks removed by an automated system ie: Computer, there are various types of workflows that support business to be successful and business leaders are always looking for a transformation that may help productivity increase, operational cost reduction, and be innovative. There is only one disadvantage that people usually claim is employee job risk, but strategically the organization may think this as job replacement rather job reduction, let the experts think the more efficient way of processing the job and increase the business capacity.

One of our clients, after implementing the automated system with our Drilling Waste Management software found they may not need enough resources to complete the job they used to do, and in following month they found they have increased 180% of their projects timely and very smoothly. They realized a huge amount of manual works are replaced with the software application that saved a huge amount of time and manpower. It is indeed a great satisfaction to see an increased number of projects with minimum resources used is generating incremental revenue, so they shift their employees to different roles where the growth area needed manpower. Over a few months, we were told that the company is now expanding its capacity to other country locations and continue to use the software.

What brings them into such a stage? We looked back into our software and found, there are few components made the software extremely robust and efficient. Let me explain those to understand better how an automated system software helps a lot.

(1) The software addresses to Automated Regulatory Validation, where each regional regulatory board has their own law and it is mandatory for any Oil & Gas exploratory company or service provider company to need to follow the guideline, these huge regulatory book data is integrated into the software, therefore validation could be made in seconds after inputting any parameter.

(2) Human error could happen at any moment, but the consequences due to human error are very big. This software removes human error during regulatory validation and suggests by alarming if any wrong data inputted by mistake.

(3) Auto Generating Report, the system allows to aggregate all required information in one standard format to print out and submit to the respective authority.

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